Investigative Psychology

CFN’s founder and associates have significant experience in assisting the police with investigations into serious sexual and violent crimes against children and adults.  We provide consultancy and specialist behaviour analysis regarding all types of offending to investigations.  Working effectively with investigative teams we can develop investigative advice at strategic and tactical levels; including the deployment of Geographic Profiling. At the point where suspects are interviewed, we support the officers in providing bespoke interviewing strategies to enhance the effectiveness of this process.

The Visual Assessment of Sexual Preference can be used, developed by Dr William Burke, This dynamic viewing time measure also includes the Burke Sexual Fantasy Scales for additional insight.

We are specialists in Forensic Hypnosis which when employed within the context of an investigation, can provide information from a complainant, victim or witness. Hypnosis is specifically intended as an enhancer of memory recall only and is therefore not used to establish the truth. Given the high probability that an individual can confabulate during a hypnotic session, the accuracy of all information obtained through hypnosis must be verified and/or corroborated through careful investigation. Hypnosis should never be used in relation to suspects or accused/charged persons due to the risk of confabulation or accidentally implanted memories.