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Dr Keith R Ashcroft, Founder and Director.


The Centre for Forensic Neuroscience was established in 2002, and its founder Dr Keith Ashcroft is a Consultant Investigative Psychologist. He has provided psychological reports in both civil and criminal cases and has given evidence in Court, including the Court of Arbitration for Sport. He has been instructed over the past 15 years by the Crown and Appeal Courts, Sheriff Courts and the High Court Judiciary throughout Scotland; and by the Crown Prosecution Service, including the Complex Casework Unit, The Royal Court of Jersey, and criminal defence lawyers.

Dr Ashcroft is listed as a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, the representative body for psychologists in the UK. He was awarded full Chartered Scientist status by the Science Council. He is also a full member of The International Academy of Investigative Psychology; the British Society of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis,  and the Society for Psychophysiological Research, Dr Ashcroft also holds qualifications in Civil and Commercial mediation.

Dr Ashcroft is a member of the Cyberpsychology Section at the British Psychological Society and has expert knowledge.

Dr Ashcroft has experience in working with the Police and Prison Service, with specialist knowledge of sexual crimes, and crimes of violence. He has been consulted on matters relating to threat assessment, violence risk assessment, violence prevention, and corporate security issues for the past decade. He can be consulted on a variety of interview technologies to determine malingering and deception, which include: forensic psychophysiology, artificial intelligence psychological profiling, Deviant Sexual Interest examinations (PPG), in criminal, clinical and employment cases. In terms of victimology, Dr Ashcroft has specialist skills in investigative hypnosis for assisting sexual and violent crime victims to report significant details about their assailants. He is also a Forensic Polygraph Consultant & Examiner, and full member of the American Polygraph Association, and member of the National Polygraph AssociationAmerican Association of Police Polygraphists, having completed his training at the British Polygraph Academy, London, fully accredited by the American Polygraph Association and the British Accreditation Council, under the direction of Dan Sosnowski, (past Chairman of the American Polygraph Association and graduate of the Reid College of Detection Deception, Chicago, IL, receiver of the distinguished service Leonarde Keeler Award); and has specialist behavioural interview techniques for the assessment of sex offenders. In terms of a therapeutic polygraph, Dr Ashcroft is a non-clinical professional member and an associate member of SASH & ATSAC, retrospectively. He is also a full professional member of the Society for Forensic Interviewers, In addition, Dr Ashcroft is fully qualified in Post-Conviction Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT) having taken an advanced course at the Behavioral Measures Polygraph Training Centre under the auspices of Professor Don Grubin. Dr Ashcroft has also completed many Advanced Courses in Polygraph Methodology accredited by The Backster School of Lie Detection and the  Peak Credibility Assessment Training Center. 

Dr Ashcroft’s expertise extends over two decades in this particular specialism, with an extensive university research background in both clinical and forensic psychophysiology (University of Mainz, Germany, Victoria University, Manchester Medical School, University of Edinburgh, Medical School & Department of Psychotherapeutic Studies, University of Sheffield). He is also spearheading a novel approach to integrate forensic psychophysiology into legal practice at the Lancashire Law School. His expertise also includes body language and non-verbal communication, including presenting on these subjects. Dr Ashcroft also provides international news media and film and TV companies advice and support in the portrayal of polygraph examinations and instrumentation, having been consulted by major corporations, such as for example Berlin Station and Oliver Stone’s Snowden.

Mr John R Patterson (Associate)

American Polygraph Services, Mechanicsville VA 23111 USA. Mr Patterson is a 1980 graduate of the Backster School, San Diego, California and full advanced member of the American Polygraph Association.

Herr Klaus Bouillon (Associate)

A & B GmbH – Polygraphen-Zentrum, Dortmund, Germany. Herr Bouillon is the owner of A & B GmbH and has founded the first and only polygraph examinations company in Germany.

The Centre for Forensic Neuroscience & Limestone Technologies Inc.

We are authorised resellers of Limestone Technologies Inc. polygraph instrumentation in the United Kingdom based upon an extensive working relationship. We provide technical advice, training and equipment for both professionals and research institutions.