Applying Neuroscientific Method to the investigation of criminal behaviour


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A Broad Spectrum of Investigative Psychology Services for Civil & Criminal Cases

We provide psychological reports in both civil and criminal cases and give expert witness evidence in Court. Our Consultant Investigative Psychologist, Dr Keith R Ashcroft, has been instructed over the past 18 years by the Crown and Appeal Courts, Sheriff Courts and the High Court of Justiciary throughout Scotland; and by the Crown Prosecution Service, including the Complex Casework Unit, The Royal Court of Jersey, and criminal defence lawyers.

Dr Ashcroft is listed in the as Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychological Society, the representative body for psychologists in the UK. He was awarded full Chartered Scientist status by the Science Council. He is also a full member of The International Academy for Investigative Psychology.

Dr Ashcroft has experience in working with the Police and Prison service, with specialist knowledge of sexual crimes, and crimes of violence. He has been consulted on matters relating to threat assessment, violence risk assessment, violence prevention, and corporate security issues for the past  two decades.


For resolving relationship difficulties, including financial investigations, and mobile phone/computer forensics, between intimate partners.


Polygraph testing for private sector employees who are under investigation for allegations relating to economic loss to their employers.


For investigating the veracity of sexual abuse accusations. 


Polygraph used within a therapeutic setting to assist in disclosure, sobriety and relapses in sex addiction; as well as treatment resistance etc.. We receive referrals from sex addiction therapists in the UK and abroad, which offer proven psycho-educational programmes for the treatment of sex and pornography addiction and support programmes for partners.


The Centre for Forensic Neuroscience, established in 2002, provides polygraph testing services (often referred to as lie detection) and credibility assessment with the UK’s largest team of dedicated expert examiners, with Dr Keith Ashcroft as the Principal Forensic Polygraph Examiner. Each is an established professional in their own discipline and are available for instruction in your location (N.B. we do not test in domestic contexts under any circumstances) throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East and the rest of the world. Dr Ashcroft is a Director of the UK Polygraph Association and member of the American Polygraph Association.

Another specialised polygraph technique allows the investigator to determine if a crime suspect recognizes crime relevant information. The Concealed Information Test (CIT), or sometimes referred to as the Guilty Knowledge Test, uses a set of multiple-choice questions which refer to crime-specific details of the investigation in hand.

We are also partners with No Lie MRI, Inc. which provides unbiased methods for the detection of deception and other information stored in the brain. Specifically, Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses a magnetic field to provide detailed pictures of our internal anatomy. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) uses an MRI to show localized brain activity.





Available 7 Days A Week

What We Do for You

Our team provide a full range of services within the discipline of investigative psychology which encompasses: Investigative psychologists perform both hands-on and abstractly with scientifically-based research and analysis. The examination of criminal styles and patterns in order to understand the offender’s thought processes and psychological characteristics. We also perform comprehensive analyses of the legal and investigative decisions and process. For example, we interview victims & offenders, especially focused on credibility assessment, and assist in investigative interviewing decision making process.


Polygraph testing of individuals seeking asylum are used to determine the validity of the claims of the petitioner in immigration cases.


We provide polygraph screening testing for Public and Private sector companies, as well as periodic honesty testing, including drug screening.


Used in situations where one of two opposing witnesses is most likely being deceptive. Effectively used in mediation contexts.

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We cover the whole of the United Kingdom, and have a mobile team; our primary office locations are London, Glasgow, Liverpool and Manchester. Where required, we use premium serviced offices throughout England, Wales and Scotland. In addition we also have a network of associates in major cities in Germany, as well as operating internationally.